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Gilbert Gagnaire

CEO and Founder
Gilbert Gagnaire started his career in Fin-Tech in 1985 after graduating from the engineering school Ecole des Mines.

In 1996 he co-founded FERMAT, a company specialising in accounting management systems. A new banking standard - Basel II - propelled FERMAT into a new dimension in 2003 and in April 2005, Gilbert Gagnaire decided to set up FERMAT's Asian subsidiary in Singapore in order to find new drivers of growth. At the end of 2008, FERMAT was bought by Moody's Analytics.

Mr Gagnaire then travelled the world for four years. During a trip to Bali and captivated by the magic of the island with its volcanoes and lakes, he decided to found a Resort there: namely the Savak Retreat Bali, fully integrated in the local village’s economy.

In 2014, Gilbert Gagnaire heard about the concept of driverless shuttles. Conscious of the disappearance of transport services in rural areas, he saw strong potential in offering a new mobility solution where traditional transportation methods are no longer economically viable. With the help of four robotic engineering experts, he launched EasyMile. From day one, Mr Gagnaire established the company both in France and in Singapore to fully benefit from the dynamism of the Asia-Pacific region.

Within four years, Gilbert Gagnaire and his team have deployed over 230 autonomous vehicle projects, driven 400,000 km and carried 380,000 passengers. The company's customers include the largest transport operators, municipalities, airports, private companies, business parks and universities.

Today, the company has offices on four continents, with headquarters in Toulouse (France) and regional offices in Singapore, Denver (U.S.A), Berlin (Germany) and Adelaide (Australia). Gilbert Gagnaire has secured financial and technological support from Alstom, Continental and Bpifrance.

EasyMile’s state-of-the-art solutions revolutionise passenger and goods transportation with completely new mobility options.