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Corey Clothier

Comet Mobility
Autonomous Vehicle and Program Developer
Corey Clothier, a leading global strategic consultant focused on safe automated vehicle deployment and market development.

For 10-years, Mr. Clothier served in the U.S. Marines. Mr. Clothier was among the first Marine computer technicians on F/A-18 fighter jets, then was selected for promotion and trained as a fighter jet pilot. Mr. Clothier holds a bachelor’s degree in aircraft engineering from Northrop University and an MBA from Baker College.

Mr. Clothier draws on his experience in the corporate and defense sectors working on high level projects for Cosworth, GM test labs, Lear, Ford and DARPA. In addition, Mr. Clothier spent over six years focusing on strategic development consulting for the U.S. Army Robotics Research and Development Center, where he initiated collaborative autonomous vehicle projects with other federal agencies and the commercial sector.

Mr. Clothier was honored to present the ARIBO program at the White House. Mr. Clothier co-developed the US Army program, ARIBO (Autonomous Robotics for Installation and Base Operations), which was a featured and White House supported project. Largely due to Mr. Clothier’s leadership, ARIBO has become an internationally significant collaborative strategy with U.S. Departments of Defense, Energy and Transportation working together to accelerate the self-driving market development.

Mr. Clothier, is among the most active developers of automated mobility systems. Mr. Clothier leads projects with smart cities, campus owners, airports, planning companies, insurance companies and AV developers. He led many of the 1st level-4 public/private AV demos and pilots in the US and UK, for example: the 1st AV at Detroit Auto Show (2015) and the 1st AV demo at CES (2014). Mr. Clothier also initiated and led the planning of the 1st AV pilot in the US at Fort Bragg, NC. Mr. Clothier is currently an automated vehicle strategist and advisor for Honolulu, Chicago, Jacksonville, FL, and Las Vegas and is working on AV pilots for multiple cities and communities.

Mr. Clothier also develops strategy for vehicle manufacturers and AV developers. He led the development of Local Motors Olli and is currently supporting the development of multiple new automated vehicles with global technology partners, as well as operational safety tools curated for automated mobility systems.

Mr. Clothier’s passion is also his mission: to accelerate the development and deployment of low to mid-speed automated mobility systems globally.

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